A Journey to Wealth​

Finding out what true wealth really means

Wealth is a concept that many may believe begins and ends with money. But the truth is that the effects of true wealth and financial wellness reaches into every aspect of our lives.

At JWR, we believe that you deserve to live a life that has meaning – one where you can appreciate security, health, relationships, and personal achievements — things money cannot buy.

Through behavioural financial coaching, we shine light on the financial activities and habits of our clients, helping you understand how your personal life influences the financial decisions you make. By gaining insight into your financial habits over time, our behavioural financial coaches help you to put in place new habits that are geared towards the creation of wealth.

We help you view your financial needs and strategies holistically, allowing you to see the relationship between your financial and personal life in a whole new way.

Because each person’s life is unique, our services are unique and shaped to the aspects that make your life yours. The result is service that is personal, with financial planning, insurance and investment management specific to you.

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Preparing for every possibility

Meet your guides on the journey to financial wellness.

Our team of experts provide you with the insight you need to secure
you financial future and prepare you for whatever the future may hold.

Johnnie Roelofse CFP®


Reenen Barry

BA, BTh, MTh,
MBA (Cum Laude)

Phillip van der Merwe CFP®

BCom Economical Analysis, PGDip (FinPlan)

Gium Marais CA(SA)

Bcom(Acc) Hons ; JSE Registered Securities Trader ; SAIFM (Equity Markets)

Marinus Lanser

BCom ,
PGDip (FinPlan)

Nardus Nel

B. Econ, Hons (B&A),
MBA (U.S.)

Eugene Vermeulen

BSc Business Psychology, University of the Free State

Committed to making a difference

As people serving people, we also believe in giving back to our communities, local businesses, and the environment.

Our corporate social responsibility interests reach across education, sport, disability assistance and mentoring initiatives.


The JWR Group is a financial sponsor to Durbanville High School, offering assistance towards the growth of sport in the school.
We are privileged to be able to sponsor a facility that cares for autistic adults, assisting them with the daily care of residents as well as awareness campaigns.
As part of our community involvement, we often volunteer at Kingdom Church and Kingdom Men Mentoring groups, helping the organisation give solace and guidance to those who need it.
JWR Partners

Our partners allow us to put you in touch with the best service there is.

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Johnnie Roelofse CFP®

BEcon,  PGDip (FinPlan)

After 2 years of National Service in 1986, Johnnie commenced with his BEcon degree at the University of Stellenbosch which he obtained at the end of 1990. He started his career at Sanlam as a unit trust consultant in January 1991, where he soon discovered his passion for helping people to reach their financial goals.

With time, effort and the correct attitude, he set forth to earn his way to greater things in life. Johnnie later served as broker consultant and became a Sanlam financial advisor in 1996; thereafter he joined Plexus Asset Management and later Citadel as an investment advisor.

Johnnie started JWR Financial Services in January 2003 and expanded the business in 2009 after co-founding JWR Risk Services with Reenen Barry. The JWR Group grew into three separate FSP’s specializing in Personal Financial Planning, Short Term Insurance, and In-house Fund Management.

With all his experience in the financial services industry stretching over 30 years, he has helped many people discover the value of financial wellbeing. His areas of expertise include investments (local and offshore), estate planning, retirement funds, and asset management. Johnnie also serves as a member of the Financial Planning Institute (FPI) of Southern Africa and is as such an accredited Certified Financial Planner® (CFP®).

Time, effort, and attitude are the ingredients that Johnnie believes will determine who and what you become. These qualities are infused in his offering to his clients of an independent, holistic service, focused on behavioural change rather than simply good advice. He firmly believes that through this approach, he will help clients gain greater self- awareness and assist them in managing their financial behaviour more effectively.

Johnnie is known for going the extra mile with clients and places a great importance on building sustained client relationships. When he’s not working with clients, you can often find him mountain biking, golfing, or deep-sea fishing.


Reenen Barry

BA, BTh, MTh, MBA (Cum Laude)

Reenen has been involved in the financial services industry since 1997, starting his career as a healthcare consultant and later becoming a founding member of Mentor Healthcare Planning in 2003. After numerous successes with Mentor, he eventually sold the business in 2008. Reenen then co-founded JWR Risk Services in March 2009 and assumed the role of principal broker.

He currently serves as the Key Individual and a Director of JWR Risk Services. Adopting a highly analytical and technical approach to his work, he often finds innovative solutions which are informed by thorough analysis. He has a very high regard for accuracy, and this ensures that clients clearly understand their risks and are properly prepared for any foreseeable event.

Reenen holds an MBA (Cum Laude), which he earned shortly after starting JWR Risk Services – years which he considers to have been hard but rewarding. His approach to risk management is typically focused on independence, technical accuracy, and accessibility to clients. He prides himself on providing his clients with innovative risk solutions based on their needs. Away from the office, Reenen can often be found birding, enjoying a good book, or looking into modern social trends.


Phillip van der Merwe CFP®

BComm Economical Analysis, PGDip (FinPlan)

Phillip is a member of the Financial Planning Institute (FPI) of Southern Africa and is as such an accredited Certified Financial Planner® (CFP®). He started his career at Sanlam as a financial advisor in 2005 and joined the JWR Group in 2007 in the same capacity. He is also a director at Red Oak Capital (JWR’s inhouse fund management branch) and part of the investment committee.

His love for investments and shares has been the driver for his engagement with clients who are looking to improve their finances. Philip specialises in Investment Planning and Risk Management and takes great pride in his natural talent for financial planning, having completed his CFP in a single year and being the top achiever in his class. His dedication to clients and wealth of knowledge sets him apart from others in the industry. Out of the office you will often find him out for a run or cooking up a storm in the kitchen.


Gium Marais CA(SA)

Bcom(Acc) Hons ; JSE Registered Securities Trader ; SAIFM (Equity Markets)

Gium obtained his BCom Accounting degree at the University of Pretoria, followed by his Honours degree in Accounting and his Certificate in the Theory of Accounting. He started his three years’ articles at the accounting firm, Ernst &Young, in Johannesburg in 1991 and passed his board exam in 1992.

After passing his board exam he was seconded to the company’s office in Orlando USA, in 1994, where he worked for three months. Following his time in the USA, he joined the Pretorian wealth management firm Citadel, where he worked as a financial planner for ten years.

In 2009 Gium began his career at JWR as Financial Planner and is currently part of the Red Oak Capital Investment Committee. Pure investment planning is his main focus, but over time he has gained a keen interest in direct equity trading. He also became qualified to trade equities on the JSE in 2007.

Gium loves hiking, travelling, being close to the ocean, and writes the weekly JWR financial blog.


Marinus Lanser

BCom, PGDip (FinPlan)

Marinus has been involved in the financial services industry since February 2013 – first as a representative of Absa Bank and thereafter as a representative for Attooh Financial Services, where he eventually served in the role of technical analyst between 2015 and 2016. After relocating to Cape Town, Marinus joined JWR Financial Services as a paraplanner.

Although he draws inspiration from his father and grandfather who were both lawyers, the legal profession did not appeal to Marinus, and he found his love for financial planning after a presentation he saw on a Financial Planning course offered by Stellenbosch University.

Because he values trust greatly, Marinus believes it is something to be earned, and makes it his top priority to gain the enduring trust of his clients. He specialises in holistic financial planning, estate planning and health insurance. He believes that success takes time and patience, and is therefore well equipped to give long-term financial advice in an industry he loves, taking care to build relationships with his clients through the same enduring patience.

Away from the office, you are sure to find Marinus sharpening up his winemaking knowledge with his wife, enjoying a good sports game over a braai with friends, or experimenting with something new in the kitchen.


Nardus Nel

B. Econ, Hons (B&A), MBA (U.S.)

Nardus has been involved in the financial services industry since 1971. He worked as a policy renewal clerk at Sanlam until 1974. Thereafter he joined the Bank of the OFS as a Credit Officer until 1978 and worked at Sanlam Properties until 1984. He joined ABSA as a Senior Business Development Consultant, where he remained until 1997. Since 1998 he has been employed as director and financial advisor at Barinor Brokers (Pty) Ltd. When Barinor Brokers was acquired by JWR in August 2020, Nardus became a valued part of the JWR Financial Services team.

Having attended a commercial high school, Nardus has always had an interest for commercial matters and his tertiary qualifications directly and indirectly supported his future.

His diversified practical work experience in the financial domain has given him a unique advantage in offering clients the best advice possible in attaining true wealth.

Nardus’s main interests outside of his profession lie in DIY projects, sports and military veteran matters.


Eugene Vermeulen

BSc Business Psychology, University of the Free State

Eugene started his career in January of 1998 as an underwriter at Sentrasure Bethlehem, which was acquired by Mutual & Federal in 2001. During this time, he filled various management roles until December 2015, whereafter he joined Agruma (Pty) Ltd as Area Manager.

Eugene started his journey as Senior Insurance Advisor with JWR in March 2021.

His decision to pursue a career in the financial industry was born out of the opportunity to combine his love for people and the ability to look after their financial wellbeing with respect to risk management. In his personal as well as professional life, he aims to be a person of integrity and empathy, choosing to do the best he can even when no one notices.

When he’s not guiding his clients to a safer future, he enjoys spending his free time with his family, reading and living out his love for sport.