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Weekly Insights

Things are getting better

It may not feel that way, but things are getting better behind the scenes. To use that overused proverb: “It is always darkest just before …

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Weekly Insights

Why the panic in the markets?

There are two camps out there when it comes to the expectations for investment markets going forward. In the one camp you find complete panic …

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We manage money, but politics plays a big role

We had barely managed a smile about the good news – the arrest of the Gupta brothers and other high-level NPA actions – when we …

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Weekly Insights

Markets are in a holding pattern

We are in June and equity markets worldwide seem to be in a holding pattern. The JSE All Share index is -4% for the year …

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Weekly Insights

Corrections in markets are mirrored in nature

We prune roses to maintain the shape of the bush, to keep the main branches to a manageable height, and to eliminate unsightly, superfluous deadwood. Pruning …

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Weekly Insights

Understand how the investment pendulum swings

Investment markets are dynamic and can be compared to a swinging pendulum. Your portfolio valuation will continuously change from being undervalued to being overvalued. There …

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