Buy a Ferrari?

If you have owned a Ferrari for the past decade, there is a good chance that its increase in value has outperformed even the S&P500. And that in spite of the fact that the S&P500 has been trading at record highs.

Unfortunately, we never advised our clients to buy a Ferrari, but over the past ten years or so we have repeatedly advised them to take a healthy portion of their assets offshore. So, even though Ferrari prices have tripled over the last decade, the S&P has given you a good 158% return. The Ferrari price increase is based on the Hagerty index and most probably excludes the steep costs involved in owning such a car, so the difference in return is probably much lower.

Some good news is that the Zondo Commission of Inquiry into State Capture is proceeding well and hopefully we will see some people going to jail for a long time.
And it seems the UK is planning to invest R146 billion in Africa over the next four years, with Theresa May courting Africa because she may have to accept a hard Brexit and lose some old trading partners in the process.

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