Have courage and be thankful

Every morning we wake up and find ourselves in a situation which may range from dire to perfect. On an emotional level, the more powerful of these situations is the one where things are dire. We tend to feel the weight of our problems resting heavily on our shoulders and it becomes very easy to succumb to despair. The reasons for our despair can range from loneliness to financial pressure. From having to deal with the loss of someone or something we have loved to accepting the fact that we are suffering from an incurable disease. It is in times like these that we have to remember that we are not alone in our suffering, but only one of millions of people who are going through the same ordeal. It is okay to embrace these emotions of pain, loss or even anger, but it should never consume us. We have to have courage and believe the old adage – that this too shall pass.

Hopefully, more often than not, you will wake up in the morning and there will be nothing to complain about. It is then that we should not just take our good fortune for granted, but acknowledge all the small mercies and give thanks. We have to appreciate the fact that we are not too hungry, too sore, too cold or too sick. We have to take joy from the fact that we have a proper education, a loving family, supportive friends, a steady job – even if the latter is not our dream one. We all know that things can change in a second.

Life will always have good times and bad times. Change is a certainty and we often have no control over these changes. What we can control, however, is how we deal with these changes. Have courage when things seem dark and be thankful when life basks you in light.

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