How affordable is international travel?

When we talk about investments, we try to separate facts from emotion. We look at the returns, the risks, the opportunities and the valuations. We try to accumulate enough stuff to trade for a specific lifestyle until the day we die. A very important part of being human, is to create memories. These memories can be of anything and anywhere. As we grow older these memories become more important. For the more intrepid people, travelling to exotic destinations will create some of the best memories of their lives. So this is where we have to consider the affordability of travelling overseas.

To get an idea of what it will cost to go to different countries, let’s price the following items:

A Big Mac burger from McDonalds and tall cappuccino from Starbucks:

India R116.50
SA R91.25
USA R215.61
France R192.98

Standard double room at Hilton hotel:

India R2861
SA R1795
USA R7872
France R6582

You will be hard pressed to find something overseas that is cheaper in rands than it is locally. Even if you go to another developing country with a very weak currency like Argentina or Turkey, most of their touristy activities are priced in US$. Your argument might be that you don’t want to travel overseas, but most people have family members who live there and if you want to see them, you have no choice. We believe that there has to be a balance in everything we do. After Covid the perceptions of a lot of people changed. If you look at your portfolio at JWR, you will see a substantial portion thereof already invested in assets that generate returns in US$, pounds or euro. So if your next memory lies somewhere over the ocean, it might be more affordable than you think.

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