It is never too late to start anything

There is a saying to the effect that: “When you are young it is important to know something about everything; but as you grow older it is important to know everything about something”. This is especially true if your ambition is to be the best in one specific field. If we look at supremely successful business people, many of them only started seeing the fruits of their labour after the age of thirty; such as Jeff Bezos of Amazon at 30, Oprah Winfrey at 32, Reed Hastings of Netflix at 36, Adi Dassler of Adidas at 48 and Charles Flint of IBM at 61.

For a lot of young people the problem is that they were not born with a natural passion for something, so when they matriculate, they do not really know what they want to do. The best thing for them is to get to know something about everything and in time they will develop an interest in which they excel and then they can get to know everything about that specific something. I know somebody who decided to become a lawyer only after catching a baby as a doctor for the first time. Just think of all the time wasted! Or was it?

If we turn this train of thought towards investments, we can argue that it is never too early to start, but also never too late. If you are young and do not really know how to invest or what you should invest in, just starting to invest in something general is not a bad idea. As you gather more information about the investment market and you develop a more specialized investment plan, you can focus your regular contributions into something that will provide you with a better risk/return ratio.

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