Monday catch-up

That Brexit will have happened by the end of this month looks highly unlikely after a vote in the UK parliament Wednesday evening. The House of Commons voted not to leave the EU until there is a deal in place. This will simply exacerbate the uncertainty and make it difficult for companies trading in that area to plan effectively.

Back home we saw Aspen and Tongaat lose between 30% and 50% of their value due to accounting and debt problems. Once again shareholders are wondering why auditors are paid such exorbitant fees.

The 2019 tax year-end (28/2/2019) has come and gone and if you do not have an accountant to do it for you, you need to start getting all the supporting tax documentation ready for the assessment later this year.

One positive development is that our dam levels are double what they were the same time last year. If we have a reasonable rainfall this season we might see them back at 100%. Hopefully we have realised that water and electricity are scarce resources and even if we have sufficient for now, we should not waste them.

The same can be said for money. Sometimes things go well and we have more that we need; which is a good time to pay off debt or make longer-term investments because things will certainly change again.

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