Money-Mindedness: A young perspective

In today’s society, money matters are often considered taboo topic of conversation, leading to awkward silences and uncertain gazes when it arises among family, friends, and even colleagues. Except for telemarketers of course, they could spend hours selling you unnecessary products and impersonal insurance.

The complication comes in when you, as a young person, are expected to start your career, pay for ever-piling expenses, begin saving for retirement and having to dive into the world of insurance, yet are discouraged from asking questions or seeking advice.

We’ve noticed the stigma surrounding money and decided to introduce a series dedicated specifically to you as a young individual – whether you’re an investor or just keen to learn about the world of finances. We’ll be discussing a wide range of financial topics ranging from investment products and savvy-budgeting to insurance that you actually need.

Our goal is to empower young people with the tools they need to master their money and create a lasting financial legacy. “Money-mindedness” is about understanding your financial habits, analyzing your perspective on money, and challenging that perspective to build a healthier relationship with your vision of wealth.

By sharing our knowledge and experience, we hope to inspire young people to take charge of their financial future by building a solid foundation today.

Forward this blog to a friend if you think they can benefit from money-mindedness, and help break the silence.

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