Some bad things getting better

We tend to focus on the bad things in our lives. Even genetically we have a fight-or-flight instinct, rather than a hug-and-kiss one. It is, however, a fact that some bad things are becoming less bad, such as the price of solar power and the Covid death rate. Just by looking at the graph below we can see that the cost of solar per unit has decreased tremendously over the last decade. This is good for our pocket as well as for the health of the planet.

In the Covid death rate graph we can see that even with a second wave of the virus, deaths are decreasing.

The news of Donald Trump being tested positive for Covid on Friday caused some pull-back of the markets. This is probably not a good time for him to be in quarantine, seeing that the US election will be taking place on 3 November and he has some more mud-slinging to do with Joe Biden.

Back here in South Africa the Hawks have been making some high-level arrests and we see convictions coming through. We get the feeling that the rand is very keen to strengthen and perhaps we will see it stay below the R16,50/$ mark.

And then we’ve had the good news of international travel to South Africa being allowed again. On the one hand it may seem that we are opening our borders to countries where the pandemic is having a much more severe impact and that it may cause a second wave here as well; but on the other hand so many jobs depend on tourism and with the right protocols we may just be able to save some livelihoods.

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