The best time to change your insurance? Whenever you want to!

Finding space in your budget for adequate insurance sometimes seems impossible. Even when the finances are available, getting insurance that suits your needs isn’t always easy.

We believe that it is possible to do both: Get insurance that suits you and your budget.

Moving to a new insurance provider doesn’t cost you anything, so there’s nothing to lose: no penalties to pay or benefits that are taken away — just the possibility of more suitable cover.

The good news is that in these current uncertain times, insurance premiums from certain providers are more competitive than ever!  Businesses and individuals alike are currently spoilt for choice when it comes to finding insurance cover that suits their unique needs and their budget.

JWR works closely with the following insurance providers to get you the best cover:

Old Mutual Insurance | Santam | CIB | Western National | Hollard | Discovery Insurance | King Price | Renasa | Auto & General

Let us help you find the cover that suits you best. Always remember — you can change your insurance cover (and even insurance provider) whenever you want.


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