Time is money, or is it?

Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, took a victory lap recently by calculating the total amount of time Amazon Prime has saved for its customers. He said if you assumed that a typical Amazon purchase took fifteen minutes and saved you a couple of trips to a physical store a week, you would save more than 75 hours a year. We often hear other people complain about a lack of time and even do so ourselves, so perhaps Jeff is on to something and maybe that is exactly why his company is so successful.

But, if that is so and time is finite and thus valuable, why do people still spend most of their time doing things they do not want to do? The answer is probably because the thing that we love doing does not generate enough income for us to live a decent life, or perhaps it is because our mental or physical abilities do not allow us to do that one thing we love the most.

Personally I guess there is a trade-off between doing what you love and being happy; and doing something that earns you money. It is a fact, however, that if you spend your time doing something you love, you will do it well. It is also a fact that getting rich requires focus and staying rich requires diversification. At the end of the day we have to apply time management to be productive. So many people seem to always be running around madly and doing so many things but accomplishing nothing.

If we look back at where it all began, people tended to do the thing they did well. A good hunter did not have time to collect water, so those who were not good at hunting collected the water and at the end of the day they shared their spoils. That same principal should apply today. Many of our clients are very good at doing what they do but have no time to manage their investments – so we take care of it for them.

We believe that actually time is much more than money.

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