Travelling again? You don’t want to forget this!

Whether you’re hitting the highway or booking a flight, don’t forget these necessities!

Written by Reenan Barry, Broker Principle at JWR Risk Services

We thought we would share with you two relatively new trends we have noticed recently. Unsurprisingly, both have their roots in the upside-down COVID world.

Firstly, our clients are re-discovering the joys of travel. International travel is again a holiday option, and our clients are booking flights to all sorts of exciting destinations.

But COVID lockdowns and trip cancellations have made us all cautious and nervous: what if my trip is cancelled, or the destination announces a lockdown?

Travel Insurance has become an absolute MUST HAVE.

Secondly, the sharp increase in new vehicle prices has caused the second-hand vehicle market to literally explode. Many people are holding onto their vehicles much longer, and buyers are purchasing second-hand vehicles, instead of new vehicles. So, in general, vehicles are becoming older.

What is happening now is that many vehicle owners no longer carry manufacturer warranties. These usually expire after 5 years. This means vehicle breakdowns due to gearbox failure, cambelt failure, CV joints, and air-conditioners to name a few, are now at the cost of the owner. The cost of such a breakdown could be very high.

Two of the insurers who have released insurance products specifically for this need are:

Hollard Extended Car Warranty     Discovery Insure Vehicle Warranty

At JWR Risk Services, we are ready to help you get the cover you need to protect yourself against losses arising from the above two scenarios. These risks are real and they face many of us.

Contact us for advice and help.

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